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tony Dr. Criscuolo is a graduate of Seton Hall University and New York Chiropractic College. He is a diplomate with the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. For diplomate status the requirements are 360 hours of classroom and workshops, 100 hours on the field at sporting events, a passing grade on three examinations - two written and one practical, and acceptance of a paper for publication in a peer reviewed journal or text. He also has over one hundred and fifty hours in spinal and extremity rehabilitation course work. Other postgraduate course work has been completed in the areas of radiology, orthopedics, risk management, and technique.

Dr. Criscuolo first met Dr. Leahy in 1991 and was treated for a chronic shoulder problem. The success of that treatment, when many other treatment approaches had failed to resolve his problem, prompted Dr. Criscuolo to learn as much as he could about Dr. Leahy’s new treatment protocols. It was through Dr. Criscuolo’s urging that Dr. Leahy began to teach ART®, and he became one of the first instructors to assist in teaching Dr. Leahy. He has been teaching for Dr. Leahy since that time and is one of less than twenty instructors of ART® in the world.

Dr. Criscuolo’s approach to treatment is based on the principles that optimal joint function is dependent on normal soft tissue function and optimal soft tissue function is dependent on normal joint function. To separate these two and treat them independently would not be efficient or as successful. By incorporating the principles of chiropractic for joint and nerve function and ART® for soft tissue function, we now have a synergistic approach to treatment. Emphasis is also placed on rehabilitative exercises to increase strength and/or endurance in a particular area. Dr. Criscuolo prefers to use exercises that utilize low tech, low cost equipment so that patient compliance and follow through is easier.

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