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Yvonne Deane

As my first pregnancy progressed, I noticed that in the middle of the night, my hands would numb up and I would feel like they were asleep. After I had my first son, it got so bad that I began wearing braces on both of my wrists at night after conferring with my orthopedist who diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome due to the pregnancy. Six months later, I was wearing the braces 24/7 and was still in pain. So, under my orthopedist’s advisement, I went for surgery and had the carpal tunnel syndrome on my left wrist operated on. When my first son was one year old, I became pregnant with our second and the carpal tunnel syndrome came back with a vengeance…on both wrists again. I was surprised that I saw no improvement in the left wrist, even though I had had the recommended surgery 6 months earlier. I resigned myself to live with the numbness, the tingling sensations and the inability to feel the tips of all 10 of my fingers. I learned to lean over the bed in the middle of the night and let my hands droop in order to hopefully improve the circulation enough so that I could fall back to sleep.

I had met Dr. Perez before I was pregnant with my first son. She had helped me with some neck problems that I had developed. Quite by accident, I saw her the day before I was scheduled to have my carpal tunnel syndrome surgery and she suggested that I come in to see her, but I declined since the surgery was the next day. How I wish I had come in to see her that day as she had suggested!

Once my younger son was born, I could no longer suffer in silence and care for my sons properly. I couldn’t tell if something was hot, as my fingertips were numb 24/7. I couldn’t carry them for an extended period of time as my wrists and hands would fall asleep and almost freeze up, rendering me incapacitated. So, I called Dr. Perez and made an appointment to see her the next day.

During the first session, she used Active Release Techniques® on my hands, and I felt a few minutes of relief from the numbness for the first time in more than 3 years. It took 5 months of weekly sessions for me to finally get back the movement and normalcy in my hands, but to me, it is nothing short of a miracle. It has been a year since I stopped my therapy with Dr. Perez and I have yet to have any reoccurrence. It is amazing to me that I can again feel my hands, fingertips and carry both of my children for an entire day without any pain or numbness.

I have thanked Dr. Perez on numerous occasions and have always told her that I am a walking testimonial to her skill and knowledge as a chiropractor. When she asked me if I would give a testimonial on her behalf, I was honored. She is a caring, warm and talented chiropractor and I am so grateful that I found her and that I have been given the chance to recommend her to others.

Yvonne Deane

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