Gary L.

My ordeal started in June 1999 while working in an attic. I hit my head when I stood up in a small space. Nothing too extreme, or so I thought. Within the next week I began to feel discomfort in my shoulder and down my arm. The discomfort turned into pain and became so severe I was taken to the emergency room at 4:00 a.m. on Thursday, 6/17/99. On Friday, I called my primary physician. Although I was unable to work, couldn’t sleep, sit, stand, or even breathe without difficulty or pain, my doctor didn’t want to see me. He referred me to an orthopedic doctor. After two different names, I finally found one able to see me that day. He did a quick exam and x-ray. He moved my arm up and down, pushed on my head and injected my shoulder with a novocaine-like medicine. When no relief came, he suggested the pain was probably in my neck. He then stated to come back in a week and if necessary, he would set up an MRI. The only pain medicine I had was from the hospital and that bothered my stomach. By Monday, I took it upon myself to set up the MRI. I could not wait another week to determine the cause. The MRI was set for Friday, 6/25/99. On Thursday, I was rushed to the hospital again. On Friday, I was taken to get my MRI done. I took the films with me to hand deliver to the orthopedic that day so not to have to wait over the weekend. Unfortunately, the doctor left early that day. I would now have to wait until Tuesday, when the doctor returned, 6/29/99. On Tuesday he read the MRI, which showed two severely herniated disks in my neck and some compression on my spinal cord. Well this explained the cause of my pain. I thought, now at last they can treat me and get me some relief. Wrong. He suggested I see another orthopedic who specialized in neck pain and injuries. Also I would likely need to seek relief from a pain management facility. However, neither would be available until July 14 and July 22 respectively for consultation only. I was provided with no further advice, treatment, relief, nothing. I left in severe pain to wait 2 more weeks. Finally, on July 13 a friend suggested I visit Dr. Criscuolo. He saw me that day. He did a thorough exam, reviewed the MRIs and started treating the pain immediately. Having been to several chiropractors in the past, I half expected to be left in a room with heating pads and electrodes hooked to my back. That was not the case. Dr. Criscuolo treated the muscles and pain points directly. His advice and recommendations were clear. His treatment was professional and accurate. With no exaggeration, I felt immediate relief from the pain, and that evening I felt so much better, I sat up and read the newspaper (something I could not do that very morning). With each visit, I felt more and more relief. Within 3 weeks, I was released to go back to work.

Written by Active Release and Chiropractic Center