Susan T.

It is with great pleasure that I write this summary of Dr. Criscuolo’s work with the Princeton Women’s & Men’s Teams on the Active Release Techniques®(ART®). The Princeton University Women’s and Men’s Teams are elite level, Division I, NCAA All Americans in swimming and diving. Many of the athletes that come to Princeton arrive with shoulder, knee or back problems caused by years of improper technique and neglectful coaching. The foundation of our swimming program has been to make these injuries “go away” by teaching proper technique and rehabilitating the injured area. Dr. Criscuolo has worked with the Princeton team for two years now. He has seen over a dozen swimmers, male and female, each year. We have had a dramatic increase in recovery since his work with the team. Many athletes have had complete recovery from shoulder tendonitis that other doctors had said would end their careers. We have athletes training in the water without pain that were never able to train before. The visible difference in strength before and after a treatment is incredible. I support Dr. Criscuolo’s work 110%. It’s proven to work for our athletes and is a great and easy alternative to avoiding unnecessary surgery. I find Dr. Criscuolo a great motivator for athletes distraught about injuries that have plagued them for years. His professional manner and treatment encourage athletes that they can recover over a period of treatments. I thank him for putting athletes back on the deck of our pool whose careers would be over without him.

Written by Active Release and Chiropractic Center